Property Investment

An Interesting Change

Elsa had been living in her new home for almost five years when she noticed that the gravel paths going around the flowers and trees needed to be up-dated. The old gravel just did not have the appeal that it use to have. Going from bush to bush and from tree to tree Elsa pruned back many of the excess branches and leaves. She replanted flowers into other areas and put new flowers in the spots where the old flowers had been. Looking around she was happy with the new change, but she knew there was something missing. Hiring help she gave the old gravel to some friends to use, and had golden gravel spread throughout the whole area to bring a special shine to the area no matter what the weather, bringing out the color of the bushes and trees.

The Swimming Party

My son decided he wanted us to buy a swimming pool this summer. I have no idea how to install one nor do I really want to. We were recruited to host a pool party by my mother the other night so my son got his wish. My husband went and bought a very large pool to set up in our back yard. It’s not one of those plastic pop-up things either. This pool actually has metal sides and steel siding to hold it in place. The only thing that is plastic is the liner. After reading the instructions we realized we had to set the pool up on flat ground with a sand base. I let my husband know that there is a place in town where you can buy stones and sand. He was able to go get it and we had the pool set up within two hours.

Post Pregnancy Road Maps

I have been working on my figure for many years now. I have tried running, cycling, weight lifting, you name the exercise, and it is likely I have tried it. Let me give you a background on my body. I have always been slim, well that is until I had a baby seven years ago.

Once my stomach was stretched out with a 10 pound baby, it has never been the same. Trying to get it back into shape, has been some kind of a nightmare. I knew I would get stretch marks. I remember seeing my mother’s whilst growing up, and thinking they looked like some kind of road map. Despite seeing moms, and knowing I was pretty much doomed, I rubbed that coconut oil in every day. What I didn’t expect was all the excess fat that seems to be trapped inside that accordion type skin.

You know that baby pooch they talk about, well mine has never disappeared. No matter how many calories I cut, how many crunches I do, or what cream I rub on, the accordion is still there.

After seven years of trying I am thinking that vaser lipo may now be my only option. Even though I have never been one for surgery, I am ready to be rid of this baby pooch, and turn my accordion into some faint lines, that no one really notices.

Dune Ball

Deep in the Sahara desert, gladiatorial champions from around the world will compete in the first annual Dune Ball Tournament. The arena is 100 square kilometers and played on the silica sand surface which makes up this hostile terrain. The participants are given a 35lb. lead ball worth its weight in gold. The objective of the game is to survive and to collect lead balls from the dead. The players have a limited choice of equipment sets. They may choose a canteen of water with compass or a .30-caliber bolt action rifle with 10 rounds of ammunition. The game is over when one can successfully find and defend the man-made oasis located at the center of the arena for 3 days. Those who survive to the end will be extracted from the arena. The prize will be their lives and any lead balls they possess, redeemable for gold.